Slab Leak Repair


Slab Leak Repair

When a pipe inside or underneath the concrete of your home’s foundation or floor leaks, this is called a slab leak. Without repair, a slab leak can cause extensive damage to your home, its foundation, and walls.

Signs of a Slab Leak

Slab leaks are not always obvious. It is important that you understand what a slab leak may look like. Some signs that you have a slab leak include:

  • Sound of running water: You may hear running water even though no water should be running at all.
  • A hot spot on the floor: An area of your floor may be hotter than the rest. This indicates that a hot water line is leaking.
  • Mildew and moisture accumulation: Your carpet or walls may have mildew or may be constantly moist.
  • Cracks: Your walls or floor may crack, signalling possible expansion of soils from a water leak.
  • High water bills: A slab leak can cause enormous amounts of water to leak, increasing your bill.

If you even suspect that you have a slab leak, call them immediately. Professional plumbers (υδραυλικοί Αθήνα) are proud that their team can quickly and thoroughly execute slab leak detection and slab leak repair at the lowest possible cost to you.

Slab Leak Detection

Some companies will drill into several areas of your slab in order to find a leak. At 24 hours plumbers, this method is unacceptable. This method of slab leak detection is archaic and destructive. First, they will perform a meter test to determine if your system is leaking. From there, they use technology, knowledge, and experience to find the leak. They slab leak detection method includes many innovative tools to inspect your slab with minimal destruction to your property. Using sonic and radio technology, molecular analysers, and thermographic scans, they can conduct a non-invasive diagnostic investigation of your piping system. They have heard horror stories from clients who have had their entire floor destroyed just to find a single leak. There is a slogan that says it best-Leak Detection Without Destruction.

Slab Leak Repair

They offer many slab leak repair options depending on size, cause, or location of your slab leak. Some of these options include:

  • Spot repair: This involves opening the slab at the area of the leak in order to repair the leaking pipe.
  • Re-piping or Re-routing: This option involves replacing the entire line that is leaking. This is most effective if your home is older and has a history of slab leaks.
  • e-Pipe: This is a good method if spot repair or reroute is not viable due to expensive flooring or house construction that limits overhead access for reroute.
  • Tunnelling: They can complete the repair from underneath the foundation with no destruction to slab, flooring, or walls.

Plumbers have the know-how, technology, and experience to solve any issues that you may have with pipes leaking under your slab. Slab leaks can cause massive damage to your home, foundation, and valuables. Spare yourself the time, frustration, and expense of this damage and call them the moment you suspect that your slab is leaking.

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