Remix Nutrition™ Reinvents the Classics

Remix Nutrition™ Reinvents the Classics

Manufacturer-new dietary supplement manufacturer Remix Nutrition™ launched in July as a specific partnership between and Hostess Manufacturers, LLC, with protein powder flavors like Hostess® Twinkies® and Hostess® Chocolate CupCakes. Where Remix seriously shines is in generating conditioning and supplementation additional entertaining. Some people today delight in nerding out on the finer points of diet science. Others just want a dietary supplement they know will operate effectively and that they can appreciate having working day in and working day out. Remix makes premium-high-quality products and solutions that are effortless to take, quick to realize, and truly, seriously quick to love.

I interviewed John Stump, senior supervisor of non-public makes at, to get the lowdown on how the brand arrived to be and what’s following for Remix.

Why did determine to lover with Hostess Makes?

When obtained the chance to get the job done with Hostess Brands to create a new protein powder, it was an evident Yes. Protein powder has long experienced a stigma of tasting poor or remaining complicated to drink. If we could provide one particular that tastes like everyone’s favorite snack cakes, it would be a massive benefit for our prospects who struggle to get more than enough protein from their eating plan.

Why is the new brand name referred to as Remix Nutrition™?

Our enhancement crew reviewed near to 1,000 names attempting to find the a person that signifies what this brand name stands for. Remix Nutrition™, in the finish, was the great suit. This model is all about remixing the food items and flavors we appreciate into a format that supports our customers’ overall health aspirations. Offering up your preferred food items when you start out a conditioning journey is 1 of the major worries. The target of Remix is to support fulfill your sweet tooth and crush your cravings so you can continue to be on monitor. We’re all about equilibrium it truly is essential to appreciate the meals you love from time to time and nutritional supplement with Remix in in between those people all-vital cheat foods.

The 1st two protein powder flavors are Twinkies and Chocolate CupCakes. How did you narrow it down?

We needed to offer two distinctive flavors when launching our Top quality Protein Blend. Twinkies and CupCakes are amid the most legendary Hostess flavors, so it built perception to start there. For chocolate enthusiasts, Chocolate CupCakes will fulfill that craving. For those hunting for a little something a tiny various, golden sponge cake Twinkies are challenging to conquer.

Who is the market for these items?

These solutions are actually ideal for any individual. Regardless of whether you are performing out difficult in the gym to shed bodyweight, develop muscle, or get much better, protein is excellent for all those people objectives. Or if you are simply striving to strike your everyday protein targets, Remix Nutrition™ Top quality Protein Blend’s 24 grams of protein is a wonderful way to do that. It also works good in significant-protein recipes like pancakes, cupcakes, cookies, and of class smoothies.

Are these products safe and sound for young children?

These protein powder products will absolutely be interesting to adults and kids however, though we you should not have any proof that they are not harmless for small children, health supplements are normally not advised for any individual less than the age of 18. The product formulation have been intended for older people primarily based on suggested each day values of issues like protein. Use by children really should be discussed with a health practitioner to start with as a precaution.

The flavor of the powders bears a remarkable resemblance to the snacks for which they are named. How do they stack up nutritionally towards other protein powders?

Nutritionally, our Quality Protein Mix stacks up particularly well in comparison to all the best protein blends on the market. With 24 grams of protein per serving at 140 energy, we present the exact same amount of money of protein—or more—with less energy than the top-advertising protein blends on But, contrary to a good deal of information out there, carbs and fats are not the enemy when you might be dieting. A healthful balance of every macronutrient is required to enable regulate bodyweight appropriately. Our blend lets you to get the protein you want with no negatively impacting your each day carbohydrate or extra fat targets.

How substantially extra sugar do these products and solutions contain?

There is zero additional sugar in Remix protein. Each serving does have 1 gram of sugar that is normally occurring from the dairy protein resources. All our protein sources are ultra-filtered for a large percent of protein to limit sugar material. For comparison, there is a lot less sugar in a serving of High quality Protein Blend than in a one ounce of 1 percent milk.

Looking at a product label.

How did you get these to flavor like Hostess® goods with no introducing sugar?

We used nearly a yr refining the flavoring method to guarantee it held up to the Hostess reputation. It was no effortless feat. After performing with some of the ideal flavor gurus around—and heading by plenty of iterations—we sense these flavors are location-on and obtain the decadence and richness of their taste inspirations.

What will come following soon after Twinkies and CupCakes?

There are virtually also many solutions to pick out from. We have a couple of flavors in the is effective, like Hostess® Raspberry Zingers®, Ding Dongs®, Mini Muffins, and Espresso Cakes. We want the consumers to enable dictate what flavors we pursue. If any one has a personalized favored, be sure to communicate with us on social media so we can tally the votes and give the men and women what they want.

Any likelihood we’ll at any time see a protein powder that tastes like individuals insanely mouth watering Hostess® Donettes®?

As they’re a single of my personalized favorites, they’ll undoubtedly be on the listing. Due to the fact there are so a lot of flavors to choose from, we are hoping to supply minimal releases so that every person has a likelihood to try their particular most loved.

Ahead of I permit you go, I’ve normally wondered…how significantly does Twinkie the Kid® bench?

He appears to be pretty sturdy! I guess he can set up some severe bodyweight. Perhaps we can get him to do a exercise routine video with us subsequent. Also, rumor has it his favored Remix taste is Twinkies, of class.

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