Is Powerlifting OK for Beginning Lifters?

Is Powerlifting OK for Beginning Lifters?

Is powerlifting a newbie-friendly activity or only for skilled lifters? We questioned Spokesmodel winner Megan Gallagher—aka Meg Squats—to weigh in on this concern. Gallagher is an ISSA-qualified coach and the creator of the Uplifted method on BodyFit by

Having attempted bodybuilding early in her occupation right before switching to powerlifting and comprehensive-time coaching, Gallagher is nicely suited to opine on what it feels like to start out out as a powerlifter and how she assists others figure out if they’re prepared for the challenge this sport offers.

“I typically notify people today that you are only completely ready for a competitors when you have run at least a three-month plan that’s having you completely ready for that precise opposition,” explains Gallagher.

While you won’t be able to be expecting to contend in a powerlifting fulfill the to start with week you touch a barbell, this does present hope to everyone seeking to consider powerlifting for the very first time.

The Strengths of Powerlifting

There are numerous motives that powerlifting may perhaps be the great competitive outlet for you. For just one, powerlifting meets tend to be considerably less judgmental than physique contests, where by you are you quite literally being judged…by judges.

“Powerlifting is one thing that you can stroll into and shed and even now have a fantastic day since you do something that you have by no means performed prior to,” says Gallagher. “I cannot management the other lifters around me, but I can handle what I do, and I can established up a program so that I am hitting PRs on the platform and getting these little wins.”

What is actually much more, at powerlifting satisfies, there is certainly a weight course for anyone.

“For any person who’s anxious about dipping their toes in the powerlifting life style, know that there are lots of distinctive human body styles who do this and are really good, at the top rated degree,” claims Gallagher.

If you are prepared to commence lifting weighty and placing up PRs, you need to have a prepare to get you there. To start out lifting heavier and comprehending the type you may have to have to compete, test out Gallagher’s Uplifted plan, out there on the net or by means of the BodyFit application.

Disagree with our choose on powerlifting for inexperienced persons? Let’s listen to yours in the comments below!

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