How to Choose the Right Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home


How to Choose the Right Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

When the time comes to choose the right exterior paint colors for your home, there are many things to consider. However, the process is not as terrifying as it seems at first glance. It is creative, artistic, and exciting at the same time. It lets you choose a solution that best fits your personal aesthetic and the appearance of your neighborhood, and your home’s architectural style.

Choosing the right colors for your facade and painting the exterior has a few more material benefits. Firstly, a routinely painted home tells about regular maintenance when you decide to sell it. It also improves your curb appeal and altogether raises your home value. A little bit of effort and modest financial investment can enhance your home beyond your expectations.

So, how to choose the paint colors that will give your house that wow effect you dream about? Follow the tips ahead, and you’ll dazzle the passers-by and even potential buyers. Most importantly, you’ll enjoy living in an elegant looking home.

The right exterior paint colors: things to consider

Selecting the right exterior paint colors for your house is one of the biggest decisions, mostly because it requires a lot of work and – a lot of paint. Choosing well means living in an elegant and attractive home; the wrong choice implies either repainting expenses or constant strife with neighbors and authorities.


The best way to start the decision-making process is to do research:

  • Is your home built in any historical style?
  • Which materials are used on the outside of your home?
  • Is your home facade under protection?
  • What is the overall style of your neighborhood?
  • What is the climate in your area?

Once you get all the details, take some permanent material samples of your home exterior to your paint store and take advantage of their technology. You will most likely get a chance to talk to one of their in-house experts who can advise on the best color theme for your home.Also, make sure that you repair leaks and any other structural issues before you start working on your home exterior. Even if you choose the best possible paint color for your facade, water damage can make all your work futile.

Take history into account

If your house was built in a specific architectural style, look at the pictures showing the original paint. The original color is often the best possible option for your facade as it emphasizes its architectural features. If the local authorities allow it, you can modernize the result by choosing the paint color with a particular finish or sheen.


Check the local regulations

It is not a rare occurrence that a home is in a protected or historical area. Such homes fall under rigorous renovation standards. You may not even get the chance to choose the paint color for your home exterior – a local council might do it for you. Every state and even parts of a state might have different rules and policies. If you have the liberty to decide on the color, take a look at some world-famous examples. Some of the prettiest homes that stand out from the rest are the famous Painted Ladies in San Francisco, California, Burano houses in Venice, Italy, and colored houses in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

You should fit the overall style of your area

Also, check with officials for any regulations restricting some exterior paint colors in your neighborhood. While it may limit your creativity, note that it is often for the best of the local community. Jarring colors may look attractive to you, but they may cause a revolt of your closest neighbors. If you ever decide to sell the home, your potential buyers may find the house unattractive and ask for a lower price – simply because they will need to repaint it. While you can have all the liberty with your interior walls, make an effort to keep your home exterior as neutral and elegant as possible.


Weather conditions affect the choice of color

The amount of light is among the most important factors when it comes to choosing the right exterior paint colors for your home. To decide which shade or tone suits you best, you need to paint a few samples on your facade and observe them at different times of the day. Disposition of your home matters, too. Depending on the position of your entrance, the same tone may look different. Also, make sure you remove all the bulky furniture and belongings that may cast shade while you choose the color. Storage rental has proven a lifesaver when it comes to any work around the house. If you have a lot of gardening tools and accessories or outdoor furniture, consider this option as it will keep your belongings safe and out of the way while you pick colors and paint your facade.

Permanent materials dictate the color palette 

You can’t change some things about your home, like stone siding, driveway, paver, or roof color, and that is fine. It is precisely these surfaces of your home exterior that will help you choose the color palette for your house. Note that there is no need to match the colors; it is enough to make the tones compatible. Matching different shades of the same color, like the color of your cobblestone driveway and your facade, will produce a harmonized outcome.

A bonus tip for choosing the right exterior paint colors

People often forget that there are three elements to the house exterior color: primary body color, trim color, and accents. Once you choose the body color, focus on the trim color and accents. Their purpose is to balance the facade’s primary color, or as the name says, accentuate it. Whichever color scheme you opt for in the end, make sure it highlights your home’s best features without making it look overly dramatic. Beauty and elegance dwell in harmony.