About Us

With the intention to be an engine of economic development in East New York, the [re]New Lots Market and Artist Incubator is an artful combination of youth empowerment, community engagement, retail incubation services for home-grown Brooklyn-based entrepreneurs and highly affordable artist studio spaces to meet the needs and nurture the growth of our ever-evolving and expanding community. The [re]New Lots project is a part of the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s initiative to activate vacant City-owned lots in order to spur economic growth, increase opportunity in the area and fill the needs of individual communities. The initiative seeks to engage community investment, support entrepreneurs and increase access to businesses by providing unique opportunities.

The City of New York engaged the community to identify ideas and opportunities to increase access and showcase local talent. Community organizations such as ARTs East New York determined that they needed some type of economic development to spur growth in their neighborhoods, and through discussions with the community, AENY’s [re]New Lots initiative was devised.

The partnership developed two vacant lots to convert ten 10x8 re-purposed shipping containers into affordable storefronts for small business owners, four 10x8 shipping containers for visual art studios and two 40x9 shipping containers for art exhibitions and events.

MARKET – A One-Stop Shopping Destination that will:
- Provide vendors with a storefront to compete in the retail marketplace
- Allow participating entrepreneurs to grow commercially
- Help entrepreneurs gain visibility and develop as small business owners

INCUBATOR – An Artist Collective, rooted in community that will:
- Provide artists with a professional environment to create
- Allow artists to share and collaborate with their peers
- Help artists grow artistically, increase visibility and develop as entrepreneurs

“Serving as an impactful social and economical force in an area in sore need of rejuvenation!”

Our Sponsors

A Blade of Grass, Barclays Center, Con Edison, Dunn Development Corporation, MacQuesten Development LLC and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs proudly sponsor the [re]New Lots Market and Artist Incubator.

Our Partners

The [re]New Lots Market and Artist Incubator is presented in partnership with the Brooklyn Arts Council, the Local Development Corporation of East New York, Llubtish Media Group, Pratt Center for Community Development and Super Wings.